Felicity Keith’s Language Of Desire Review – Dirty Words, Dirtier Phrases, And A Whole Lot Of Verbal Viagra

The Language of Desire

I desire to talk dirty today. Really dirty.

The present launch of Felicity Keith’s Language of Desire has me all turned on, and I’m i’m that is certain the only one.

This has been another great one for dating and relationship products targeted toward women year. A number of the more notable items that are new the Penguin Method by Samantha Sanderson, That’s Not How Men Work by Marni Kinrys, therefore the Spellbound Formula by Yahoo TV’s Mehow.

However, none is more highly expected than the Language of Desire by Felicity Keith.

Make your man sexually obsessed with you...without even touching him!
Make your man intimately obsessed with you…without even touching him!
I first chatted about the Language of Desireclear back in February. At that time, I predicted it will be released sometime in late or early May april. It’s now, so that forecast had been obviously incorrect october.

Regardless of my capabilities that are psychicor lack thereof), the Language of Desire was released to the public on October 6, 2014 under the umbrella of Michael Fiore’s Digital Romance, Inc.

I happened to be happy enough to pull some strings and get access that is early the program, and I’ve posted my full Language of Desire review below. If you aren’t interested in the review and simply want to check on the program out for yourself, please feel free to click this link and go straight to Felicity’s LOD site.
He could be an exceptionally popular relationship and relationship mentor based in the Seattle, Washington area if you aren’t familiar with Michael Fiore. He has made media that are many and also appeared on the Rachael Ray show a few years back. The Romance Back, Text Your Ex right back, The Secret Survey, and Capture their Heartjust to name a few through their company Digital Romance, Inc. Mike has released a wide array of top-selling relationship products for men and women including Text.

Mike works closely with other relationship specialists to place products which are together top-notch at helping guys and women improve their lives and bring more passion, romance, love, and fun for their relationships. The Language of Desire with Felicity Keith could be the “next big thing” for Digital Romance, Inc.
Ok, now we have introductions out from the genuine way, let’s get to the review…

What Is Language Of Desire?

On the surface, Language of Desire appears to be a talk that is dirty for females, but at its core, it’s even more than that. After all, talking dirty to your man is much more complex than simply learning 50 techniques are different say “penis” or inserting the f-word into anything you say.

I think most females already know guys think it’s great when a lady talks dirty in their mind. However, dirty talk isn’t one thing that comes obviously to many females. In fact, it can feel downright awkward and embarrassing and can even allow you to feel like planning to be means that are sexy must be some type of slut. That’s so not the case, but so many women feel like they’re doing something wrong themselves intimately if they express.

But speaking dirty can also be a means that is incredible explore your own intimate desires, improve your sex life, while making a stronger emotional reference to your guy. It’s a way that is great get your man totally hooked on you.
As Felicity says inside the Language of Desire program,
I created this program to show you how to uncover your primal side, completely in your terms (yes, even the many woman that is sexually-shy confidently incorporate these practices!). You’ll uncover your primal sexuality and it to fuel your passion… and ignite his OWN it and know how to utilize.

Within the process, you will drive your man wild with desire once the amazing sex goddess that you are for you personally and make him truly see you. Your connection that is intimate will stronger than you ever imagined!
She then continues on to express…

Language of Desire teaches you ways to tap into the sexual psychologyof your man — you’ve just met whether he is your husband of 20+ years or a man. And this program teaches you how to be the incredible, living, breathing woman that is fantasy has always imagined about but didn’t know he could have.
Therefore to say it succinctly, the Language of Desire is approximately dirty talk, erotic fantasies, and comprehending the sexual psychology of men which means you makes an connection that is incredible your man both in and out for the bedroom.

Who Is Felicity Keith?

I believe Felicity sums this up pretty much into the opening of Language of Desire when she says,Just in case you are wondering, I’m not a scientist. I’m not a model that is super a stripper or a dominatrix or a home-wrecker. I’m a woman that is regular you… just a suburban mother, actually, who found that being sexy doesn’t mean having become a slut. And I’ve cracked the rule that is secret the erotic minds of guys.

She’s just an gal that is everyday a gigantic knowledge of the sexual psychology of guys.

Is The Language Of Desire An Online Course?

Yes, the language that is entire of system is delivered 100% online.
You get access to a private member’s area with all of this content when you choose the program. You can read the information directly inside the member’s area or perhaps you can download both(ebook that is PDF and MP3 audio variations to your computer or other unit.

Inside the Language of Desire dashboard, there are 10 core that is significantly diffent and then every one of those modules has extra sub-modules underneath it. I won’t enter great detail explaining every single module, but I did want to supply you with a few screenshots from the member’s area you’re getting and how things are put up to get a feel for exactly what.

Them out if you want a good breakdown of this 10 core modules and included sub-modules, this web site does a good job of listing.
Okay, on to those screenshots…

In the screenshots below, I’ve used red to circle and determine key features of the system. The Language of Desire program is well arranged and extremely very easy to navigate if it looks like something which can help you which means you shouldn’t have any problems, but this will assist you in deciding.


Screenshot 1: So when you first log-in to the Language of Desire member’s area, you’ll see what is called the “dashboard”. This contains your member profile, the navigation that is main, after which a summary of the 10 core LOD modules. The screenshot above programs just the first 4 modules, but inside the member’s area, you’ll be able to scroll down to see all 10.


Screenshot 2: whenever you click on one of many core modules, you’ll be studied to a full page that looks such as the screenshot above.  You’ll see the core module going at the top, after which every one of the sub-modules given below.  The screenshot above is for module 2: Become A Sexual Superwoman!


Screenshot 3: When you click on a heading that is sub-module you may then read and study the content directly from inside the member’s area.  Members also can rate the content, and you can utilize the navigation club on the side that is left-hand of screen to easily go from one sub-module to the next.  The above screenshot shows the core module “Brain Chemistry And Sex” with its“Pavlov’s that is sub-module Erection open on screen.


Screenshot 4: At the final end of each sub-module you’ll see an area on the page that looks such as the screenshot above. That is where you can download the module content in PDF (ebook) format or in MP3 audio format it directly online if you don’t desire to see.

This might be great if you wish to print a copy out of the content, tune in to it while you’re driving, jogging, etc., or if you have trouble logging into the member’s area or just don’t want to bother remembering your username and password.

Additionally included at the base of each and every sub-module is a remark feature where you can ask concerns or leave feedback. This is a means that is excellent connect to other women in this system and also to get help from Mike, Felicity, and other experts whenever you want it.

No comments have been left yet for this particular sub-module since i had early access to the system, you’ll notice.

Who Will Benefit The Most From This Program And Who Won’t?

I’ve probably caused it to be pretty clear that this system is liked by me. I think Felicity did employment that is bang-up of something that will assist a whole lot of women. Any woman who wants to expand her horizons that are sexual master the art of dirty talk, and make her man 100% centered on her can benefit with this program.

The techniques Felicity teaches inside the Language of Desire aren’t only for the bedroom. Yes, they will keep you from freezing up or experiencing embarrassed the time that is next man wants you to talk dirty to him, nevertheless they may be used almost any time to make your man on and acquire him contemplating you.
You can find a lot more than 30 different methods that are actionable inside the Language of Desire. We won’t go through each of them, but i needed to list a few my favorites.

The Madonna Moan used to amp up your desire that is man’s for, stroke his ego, while making his toes curl. You can literally feel your guy getting harder inside of you once you do this.

Pavlov’s Erection which is an approach that is sneaky conditions your man to immediately get stimulated anytime you mention or show him your very own “trigger object”. This is certainly fun, playful, and sexy, and a thrill that is total know you are able to turn your man on with only a word or two.
Tease Intensifiers that playfully ramp up the stress that is sexual expectation with your man. I like to think of it as dirty talk foreplay.

The Verbal Viagra Method that is a technique you should use to have your man’s attention totally if he’s out with his buddies, watching the pastime, glued to their phone, etc on you also. This might be the best Language of Desire strategy and is a sure-fire way to get your man hot and horny you need for you personally anytime.

The Done For You Sexy Texts which actually come as an additional benefit towards the language that is main of. I love these you want it and send it as-is or adjust it slightly to your liking since it’s so simple to choose one whenever. No more sitting around for hours trying to consider something hot to say! It’s like having your instant database that is own of talk texts once you need them.
I really could do not delay - on, however it’s probably easier if you just watch this video where Felicity explains many of the other techniques.

In terms of who won’t reap the benefits of the Language of Desire question that is program…hmmm…good.

Obviously then chances are you probably won’t like LOD in the event that you hate dirty talk or are extremely reserved and conservative when it comes to sex. You require to at the least have actually an mind that is open be ready to try it, or you won’t get much through the program.

Otherwise, the program is dynamite between both you and your man if you want to intensify the sexual and psychological chemistry.

The Language of Desire

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